Murdock Capital Partners uses its Partner’s extensive experience, expertise and global network of contacts to help companies accelerate their growth and avoid common pitfalls.

The Murdock Capital team has decades of experience helping management teams and entrepreneurs grown their business by providing a variety of advisory services.  We work closely with management to lend our expertise to creating and executing business plans, assist in client acquisition and business development, capital market strategies as well as corporate structure and governance.

In addition, the Murdock Capital team brings access to an extensive network of global contacts and relationships to our clients.   We have long standing and deep relationships with the senior management of major, global corporations as well as governmental contacts.  Murdock Capital leverages these relationship to help our client accelerate their growth curve and achieve their goals.

Business Planning & Development

Corporate Structure and Governance

Competitive Analysis

Capital Markets and Investor Relations

Financial Forecasting

Presentation and Document Creation