Murdock Capital Partners seeks to provide small and medium sized businesses with institutional quality services typically only available to large companies through major financial institutions.

Acting as principals and working with a substantial number of institutions, fund managers, venture capital firms and high net worth individuals, Murdock Capital arranges investments in small and medium size companies.  Our goal is to provide expansion and acquisition financing to facilitate the growth strategies of successful managers.  For the past fifteen years, we have remained committed to our objective of identifying, investing in and funding well managed companies that demonstrate the potential for substantial long-term growth.  Our knowledge and experience in formulating corporate strategy including marketing, strategic alliances and business management greatly increases the probability of our clients’ success.  We are adept at due diligence, market research, competitive analyses, and financial structuring for the fundings we undertake..

Due Diligence

Market & Industry Research

Transaction Structuring

Financial Analysis and Modeling

Mergers & Acquisitions

Capital Sourcing