Summer Atlantic Capital is an innovative investment company based on global resources and asset investment.

Summer Atlantic Capital (Summer Atlantic) is committed to providing its clients diversified investment solutions and best-in-class portfolio management as well as advisory services in the global markets. At Summer Atlantic, we care about meeting our clients’ financial goals and industry objectives, hence, we advise and invest on behalf of our clients in markets and asset classes we thoroughly understand. Our business is to help our clients meet their financial goals while looking beyond the norms and advising on their industry needs. We leverage our global exposures and financial instruments together with our local teams and experience in China to integrate the global markets and to build a capital markets investment bridge between China and the United States. We understand that the global economy and markets are significantly connected and they are constantly evolving, thus we have dedicated our efforts toward making investments and fostering the investment ecosystem in markets that are familiar to Summer Atlantic.

Seabright Chen

Sebright Chen is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Summer Atlantic Capital with principal headquarter in Beijing where his primary focus is on investing in the Technology, Media and Consumer sectors. Mr. Chen has extensive experience in investment management, corporate advisory and in the technology industries. Prior to founding Summer Atlantic Capital, he began his career as an analyst at Signalert Asset Management, and has subsequently held executive positions with asset management companies and technology firms in China resulting in the development of extensive contacts in China and the United States; creating important international relationships within the asset management and investment banking sectors. Mr. Chen received his Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University in 2013 and has studied Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Stanford University from 2014 to 2015.